Wax + Cloth


Wax+Cloth is a one-man operation, based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It began purely as an impulse to create, and thanks to amazing support and motivation, quickly grew to sustain my work and continued product development.

Everything I sell is constructed by hand, and meets my personal litmus test for products- if I wouldn't buy it, I don't sell it. I design things to fit specific needs, typically in my daily life. Items are tested, reworked, and polished quite a bit before ever being offered for sale, to keep quality as high as possible. This includes careful selection of materials, sourced almost entirely from within the United States.

Your support and encouragement has helped Wax+Cloth grow to a level I never imagined, and I'm so excited to see where things go in the future.

To keep up with new products and projects, follow me on Instagram at @WaxandCloth, and join my email list.

Thanks for being awesome!

-Paul Kwiatkowski